Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Images! Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower

My extra long weekend with Denis and Nacho at Denis' family cottage was really great!! Except for the fall like weather. One of the highlights of the weekend was driving to the next town called Dorset to climb the Scenic Lookout Tower. At one point the tower was used to help protect valuable stands of timber from forest fires. Even though the tower is used now as away to appreciate the view of Muskoka, it was a great way to waste the afternoon away.

Here are a few pictures from the climb of the tower. Photo credit goes to Denis and his awesome photo skills!!

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  1. looks like fun :D

    ps - i got the awesome bracelet the other day. i love it! thanks so much :D already wore it to work all day long.

  2. This is such a sweet blog! Have added your badge to my blog :O)


  3. beautiful place and beautiful photos as always! I love the first one!

  4. Nice view^^

    Loving your blog...I'm a new follower =)