Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday!!

It always seems like the week drags on when it's a short one! I'm pretty excited for this weekend. Saturday I have a one day Baking and Buttercream class at the Bonnie Gordon School in Toronto. So between 10am and 4:30pm on Saturday Bonnie Gordon's talented team of pastry chefs will show me how to bake the perfect cake. I will learn how to create Swiss meringue buttercream, flavoured with the best natural ingredients. I will learn how to finish my cakes precisely so that I can create a flawless fondant covered cake. This class is a prerequisite for DC1: Introduction to Cake Decorating. Can't wait!

And then next week I leave on Wednesday for a 5 day trip to New York City for work and personal! Woohoo!

Here are a few links that I'm lovin':

Who doesn't like a cute twist tie and it's a DIY

Desert Boot anyone?

Cute in any room

Just a little glamorous fuss

I think making a quilt is my next big DIY. Maybe out of old t-shirts

With fall just around the corner, I can't help but think of pumpkin pie



  1. I made a quilt out of t-shirts for my boyfriend's birthday and it was a huge hit.

  2. o wow im so jealous of your class! i wish i knew how to make fondant covered cake!

  3. this sounds like so much fun!!!