Monday, June 14, 2010


Back in May I posted about working on a graphic for submiT to win a contest to showcase your work in the Vancouver art community on a t-shirt, which 100% of the proceeds go towards building a school in Ethiopia. Well I'm done and it's already posted on the submiT website and voting starts today. So make sure to check it out and vote away!

submiT is about raising awareness of childhood education in Ethiopia through the work of imagine1day. Their goal is to have education available for every child in Ethopia by 2020. Check out their website for more information:

CLICK HERE to vote!



  1. mhhhh i don't understand how to vote on the website, just clicking on your design?

  2. I said today but I meant tomorrow :P Click on "'CLICK HERE' to vote!" on Tuesday and they should have instructions then. Thanks for the pre-vote! :D

  3. haaa crap it's already the 15th june in switzerland :p
    i will wait til in a few hours... haha!

  4. Thanks!! and thanks for all the kind words on Cute Stew yesterday!!! :D :D