Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things I LOVE today

Yes please, to any of these wonderful necklaces

I love paper and I love how much this site has to offer

Who doesn't love a free downloadable printable CD case

As cute as a button

Would be so great in my future garden

One of my top loves for today and I have spent a lot of time on this site is Makeup Alley. This site is so great for reviews on all kinds of product from people like you and I. I know when I'm thinking of using a new product that Cosmo suggests or if I want to know what actual users think of the product, this site allows me to make an educated decision on which product is best.

This site is so easy to use. You can search reviews by category, brand or by product. I like how you can see the people leaving reviews profile and find out what their skin type, hair and eye colour is. It really helps clarify if the product is right for you. Also, most of the reviews come with product pictures! (bonus)

In addition to the reviews, the site has all kinds of useful tools. Like message boards, a shopping diary, links, and more.

With all the extra stuff this site has to offer and with reviews written by the people who use the products, this site is totally worth checking out!

Thanks to my work bf Ashley for showing me the light of Makeup Alley.


(picture by ilovestrawberries)

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