Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Faux Fireplace

So we have this non-working fireplace in our living room, which I think is a bonus! To be honest I don't think it was ever a working fireplace since there is no chimney that comes from it?!I find the fireplace a real focal point and a great way to ground the space with decorating. But what do I do when I can't have a roaring fire? I did some extensive internet research and found a great deal of candle inspiration which seemed to be a pretty standard option. But would be great if you still wanted that glow of light. Then I came across and fell in love with the look of stacking wood into the fireplace opening. It's visually interesting and natural looking! A great solution to the problem!

So I headed on over to the local nursery and purchased two 8 foot long birch logs and a few smaller logs, thinking I would have enough. I asked my dad to cut them into 2 inch sections to be easily piled on top of each other.
I think it turned out great but I still need more!!!!



  1. I think it looks cool just as is, not completely full!! So cool shevs!

  2. That's such a neat idea, I like it a lot! But, I think it looks great now and I think it would look better like this than all the way full!

  3. I love it! I like it the way it is now too. How funny that it's never really been a working fireplace, at least you don't have to deal with cleaning it :)

  4. love your idea! it loos really good :)