Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Images! Christmas Lights!

This year Denis and I are celebrating Christmas a little different...We will be spending it in LA!!! We are both very excited to get away from the cold grey days and spend them in the warm sun. But on the other hand it does make me a little sad to miss all the traditions. There will be no trimming of the tree, no decorations, no gift opening, no nothing. We will be missing everything! I just have to keep reminding myself of the quality time I will have with Denis relaxing beside the pool and all the things I would miss seem to disappear.

So since there will be no outdoor decorations, I thought checking out the neighborhood's decor would do the trick.

{Note to self: learn how to take better pictures in very low light}

Thank goodness we don't have houses like this in our hood.


How are the lights in your neighborhood?



  1. oh wow! those are some serious lights. love them! hah. i don't have much around my hood since i am in a student part of town...sigh.

  2. wow that last picture is so cool! i'd hate to see their electric bill though lol