Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Images! Christmas Portraits!

4 years ago, Denis and I started a tradition of taking funny Christmas portraits. I remember giving our family and friends the very first one. I thought they were going to die of laughter! Everyone looks forward to what we came up with that I think Denis and I will never be able to stop this tradition!

Every year we come up with a new theme. Sometimes it involves purchasing clothes from the second hand shop or making our own. I can't show you this years photo since I haven't mailed them out you will have to wait! But the photo involves some serious props!

P.s. Awkward Family Photos is a great site for a good laugh!



  1. That is so awesome, you guys are awesome. My boyfriend and I joked about doing this too, but our theme was going to be hillbilly lol.

  2. mr and mrs lumberjack this year?

  3. o.m.g.
    i think i just scared my office mate with how loud i screeched/laughed...
    these are amazing. love them!