Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New York City!

[the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City by mudpig]

I'm off to New York City for work and fun! I'm spending the first two days researching on graphic trends, colour inspiration, and graphic treatments for clothing. The next three days my friend and I will be touring around the big apple!!! One of our highlights is a trip to Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Flea! The Flea features hundreds of top vendors of antique and re-purposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques, as well as new jewelry, art and crafts by local artisans and designers, plus delicious fresh food. Can't wait! See you all back here next Monday!



  1. o i wanna go with you! have fun! i bet that flea market will be amazing

  2. yay! have tons of fun!

    I awarded you with sunshine award! check it out if you want!