Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The winner is...

I'm excited to announce the winners of my first DIY giveaway! Yes, I said winners! I decided since I have 3 bracelets I would have 3 winners!

I made the name ballots...

I shook the bag...

and I picked 3 names...

Now, Since Cherry Red Studio was winner 1 you get to pick which bracelet you would like. Once picked I will let Hawaii Kawaii know which 2 she can pick from and then Ana gets the third bracelet.

I hope that makes sense! I hope you like them!

On another note...I went to the Michael Buble concert last night. To tell you the truth I'm not the biggest fan. If Denis wasn't doing the lighting I wouldn't have gone. But, I was greatly surprise with how much I really enjoyed the concert! MB was so entertaining! I was pretty much laughing the whole time he was talking between songs. I think its great how much he interacts with the audience too. Also the end song ended with a big blast of confetti, which I love! Here are a few images from the show. Some of the pictures are from my iphone so they might not be in the best quality.



  1. Yay thanks for following my blog! Am also following you now! I love your blog, it's super pretty! xx

  2. Oiii fantastic! I will cherish the bracelet ♥