Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sneak Peak!

This is a long time coming...but I have always loved the look of award ribbons. I have been so inspired I decided to design my own ribbons to sell on my Etsy shop. My award ribbons are made up of new and vintage materials. I searched high and low and came up with, lace, satin ribbon, buttons, fabric, crochet wool granny squares and felt.

Of course I wanted to give my readers the first view! I'm still working on colour correcting images and write descriptions. I'm hoping to have them all up on my Etsy shop by Sunday. Stay tuned!



  1. they're all so cute! even if it's not in my style I love the pink and white one with blue tails! it's lovely how mixed materials look together!

  2. oh I forgot: thank you so much for following and even putting on my blog button! :)
    (I have only a few followers, and I always feel as giving thanks to each one!)

  3. adorable! i love them. very cute :D