Friday, August 20, 2010

Nacho makes me laugh!

Nacho and I are heading on up to the cottage for the weekend!! Nacho can totally tell when we are going. When I start packing up his toys and food he gets all excited and follows me all over the house. I guess to make sure I don't leave him behind. I love that guy!

Make sure to check out one of my favorite blogs, Gifted. There is a little post about my blog today!! Gifted is a pretty great tool to have when you're stuck on what to give as a gift. She has a catagory for pretty much every type of person out there; whether you need a gift idea for your Mom, the Bookworm, the Foodie or my favorite the Gadget Geek.

Have a great weekend all!!


  1. adorable! :D congrats on the feature.
    & have a great time!

  2. doggies can be so human...
    and there are not many person in the world that welcome you home with the same amount of love and excitement!
    aww so lovely!