Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sailor Knot Bracelet

All summer long I have loved the nautical trend that has been all over the fashion radar. There is no better way to give any outfit the nautical feel, then accessorising...maybe with a bracelet perhaps?!

What about these beauties from Sailor Bracelet...
I thought this would be a great DIY and I got some great instructions over at the 'How To' on the Etsy blog. It took me sometime to get the hang of it, but I think it turned out great in the end.

All you need is:
3.5 yards of twine, 14 ounce can for a smaller bracelet or a 20 ounce can for a larger bracelet. Any other round object that has the appropriate circumference for your wrist will do.

Click here for instructions.

Here is my first,
and final attempt!
Then I got creative and did one using scrap fabric and running a ball chain through out the braid and then I tried making the bracelet using yarn. Didn't turn out so well, you can't really see any of the detail.
Would anyone like one of my handmade sailor knot bracelets? Whoever comments first to let me know which one they want...wins! First come, first serve!



  1. I love these!!!
    Did I win???
    I like your "final attempt"
    You are so creative... Love your blog Shevvy.
    Bang Bang!!!


  2. Great Work Shevy! SOOOOOOooooo very nautical! ;)

  3. adorable! i love them. thanks for the tutorial. :D

  4. Interested in seeing more sailor bracelets in a variety of sizes colors and designs? Check out my blog:


    If you want a link to my favorite "how-to" sites take a look at this: