Sunday, May 2, 2010

Custom Printed Fabric

I have always dreamed about having one of my patterns turned into fabric and now it can, over at Spoonflower.

It's SO easy all you do is upload a graphic pattern or an image with a format of .JPG, .EPS, GIF or TIFF. Then you choose your fabric. I picked quilting weight at $18/yd. Then the size. I chose 1 yard. You can pick more or less and then finally pick the layout of your pattern. I picked half-brick. After designing and layout your pattern you just pay and input your shipping address. So easy!

Here is my pattern, does it look familiar? I went with a blue and grey colour scheme because I'll be turning the fabric into pillows for the living room.

The site informed me that the fabric takes about 8 to 10 shipping days! So excited!



  1. Love it.. so when are you coming out with a bag with your pattern?

  2. Let's see how the pillows turn out first and maybe little bags with zippers and felt lining might be next!