Thursday, April 29, 2010

Homemade Sushi

Denis and I LOVE sushi and when we were at our local grocery store over the weekend, we decided to make our own. We wanted it to be as easy as pie, so we just stuck to making Maki Sushi.

Here is a list of things we used:
- A bamboo rolling mat
- Cutting board
- A very sharp knife
- Sticky rice
- Nori Seaweed
- Fish: Salmon & Tuna
- Yam
- Tempura batter (we used the flake kind)
- Wasabi
- Soy sauce
- Ginger

Denis did all the preparing and I did the photoshoot. Denis first started off cooking the sticky rice, then moved on to preparing the tempura fish and yam. Denis even seared some of the tuna.

The bamboo mat was topped with a sheet of nori. The rice was patted out using moistened fingers to keep the rice from sticking to your fingers and not the nori. I'm not sure how much rice he used per sheet, but we cooked about 6 cups of rice and the entire batch made four hand rolls and 6 rolls. Which made a lot for the next day lunch.The only difficult part, and it's not all that difficult, is rolling your roll. The first roll was quite fat, but once Denis got the hang of how much rice to use, he was rolling them like a pro.
You're supposed to slice your roll with a really sharp knife, which apparently we don't have, but Denis used the knife sharpener and it did the trick. Once the rolls were done Denis made hand rolls that were DE-Lish. I was very, very happy with the results! The yam hand roll was my fave! I think next time we will try a wider variety of rolls. Here are some good links here and here that were great help.

CLICK HERE to see all our sushi making pictures!

Also, today is my 28th birthday! So, Happy Birthday To Me!!


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