Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paper Banner

It seems like every blog I look at lately are making banners. Whether it's made with fabric or paper the idea is so much fun. It's an easy, inexpensive decorating solution for any room or occasion. So I thought I would make my own and since I have a house warming party coming up and need some party decor, this is the perfect fit.


Design 6 different patterns (or as more as you want) using colours of your choice and print them on 8.5" by 11" paper. Fold each pattern in half. Trim any excess paper that doesn't have any print. Cut folded paper into 1" strips. Glue each strip with Rubber Cement and wait till dry. Cut string to desired length. Once glue is dried, fold strips over string 6" apart. I also trimmed the end to be more like a real ribbon.

CLICK HERE is see step by step instructions.

Make sure to check out this fabulous fabric banner that creates a nice focal point.

So easy and looks so great.


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