Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Attempt

I lost my camera case somewhere in Halifax last summer and my camera has been getting a good beating without one. Since I've been on a big bender with crafting I thought I'd make my own. Now the last time I sewed a zipper was the 7th grade Home Ec, with a grade of an A+ (it was a sign).

With a couple of easy online instructions and a few re-stitching....Voila, a new camera case! I think it looks pretty good for not doing it for over 16 years. The whole thing is made out of felt, even lined with hot pink felt. Of course I had to hand stitch appliqued hearts to give it the Shevon touch.

I'm going to make a few more in different sizes until I get real good at stitching zippers. I also want to incorporate some vintage buttons I got from my Grandmother years ago, into my new favorite craft! You never know...I might start selling them in my shop.


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