Thursday, September 23, 2010


One of the highlights from my trip to New York was my visit to Brooklyn for the day. First stop was the Brooklyn Flea!! There was so much to see! I was literally tripping over my feet trying to get to the next booth. The selection of antiques was out of this world! If the flea was close to my house I would totally furnish our whole place.

This is what I bought: A Kodak Duaflex III camera which was on the market from 1954 to 1957. Film size is 620 and retailed for $24.00. I bought it for $25. It looks great on our mantel.

The second thing on the agenda was visiting my friends friend (Rachel MacFarlane) who has been selected as the only Canadian to take part in the triangle arts association, a New York based non-profit arts organization. Rachel MacFarlane is a Toronto based artist.

Rachel MacFarlane uses tiny maquettes made of found refuse that serve as references for painted worlds that fall somewhere between mimetic representation and abstraction. Through a two-step process of translating and transforming, materials that are considered unattractive and unwanted become the basis for imaginary painted spaces. In the illusionary settings, materials transcend their original capacities, sometimes becoming weightless, anthropomorphic, and grandiose.

Rachel is in triangle for 2 weeks working side by side with about 25 to 30 different artist from around the world. After her time at triangle, Rachel and her peers will show off their work at an Open Studios Day Exhibition.

Here is a few images of Rachel with her fabulous work and her work station.

I love Brooklyn!CLICK HERE to see more photos!



  1. Great find! That camera is really cute.

  2. what great photos! i have a duaflex too & i love it. it sure does look good on a mantel. hah.

  3. I just received a duaflex for birthday and I am very jealous of your trip to the Brooklyn Flee Market.

  4. This looks wonderful, I am so jealous

  5. great photos and rad post! I love New York you lucky duck! Australia is so far away you have to save lots and lots to get there.....but it's always worth it!