Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Images!

I've been a very bad blogger this past week. But, I have a good excuse...Denis! He's now home and has been away for almost 4 weeks!! We did all kinds of boyfriend and girlfriend things this past week. We made dinner together, visited family and friends together and we really just spent some needed quality time together. It was a really nice week and weekend together and here are some photos to show for it.

Also, on the weekend I went to a card reader and a signature analyst and both ladies told me it's time to change careers?! I did sign myself up for a baking who knows. Even though I don't take what pyschic's say too seriously, I do find it a lot of fun to think it could come true.

I worked really hard to organize my thoughts and ideas so I am ready for this weeks posting! I found if I do this it really helps.



  1. aw how sweet!
    maybe you will become a world famous pastry chef?

    o btw i just got a tattoo on my wrist too :)

  2. Happy that Denis is home, now it's my turn to have you back! ha

  3. I've always wanted to visit a psychic just for fun....

    Glad you had fun with your bf!

  4. The seed has been planted long before the psychic told you what you already know ... you know what I mean.
    Great to see that you had a wonderful weekend with your love.


  5. wonderful shot. love the colors in all of them :D

  6. I would love to take a baking workshop. Hope its' fun!