Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I LOVE this week

I love this calorie saving super cute burger charm necklace. You have to buy all the charms separate which means you can customize it to whatever you like on your burger. The charms are lettuce, cheese, tomato meat patty, pineapple, sunny side egg, bacon, a pickle and of course buns. Click here to see more pictures.

My new obsession is Doilies but I can't seen to find any good ones at my local second hand shop. Here is a link that has 7 ways to use doilies in a fresh and modern way. I'm checking my Grandmother's place next!

Light Art using your SLR camera. So Cool! Will definitely have to try this. Click here for instructions.

Image from Upesh Jindal

Well it's the weekend and it's a long one for us Canadians. Monday is a Civic Holiday. Unlike most holidays, there is not much of a reason for the Civic Holiday to exist, other than its timing. Between Canada Day and Labour Day, there are no recognizable holidays, one of the longest stretches of time on the Canadian calendar without a holiday. Having the first Monday off in August which falls between Canada Day and Labour Day holidays is fine by me!

This weekend I plan on staying home and relaxing with Denis before he hits the road again. I also have 3 custom orders to do and I want to get ready to launch my new Award Ribbon Pins that I'm pretty excited about.

Hope Everyone has a great weekend and see you all back here on Tuesday!



  1. i think im getting some doilies from my grandparents old house if no one else wants them..maybe i could send you one!

    id love to figure out how to do the light art with a camera

  2. i wish i would have saved all my grandmother's doilies, so sweet. love the table runner.


  3. i love the burger charm.

    i haven't checked yet, but i'm sure there is an etsy seller or two that make doilies. i've never tried, but i've seen my grandmother make them. sigh. gotta love grandmas! hope you find some.

  4. The doilies on the couch idea is so cute! Not your granny's doilies at all!!