Monday, April 26, 2010

DIY Felt Medallion

I came across this DIY of paper medallions over at How About Orange and I fell in love with this easy and cute project. I love paper but I love felt even more, so I decided to do the same DIY but using felt.


1. Cut a strip of felt 1" wide by about 10" long.

2. Accordion fold it to create tiny pleats.

3. Stitch one end together and pull tight and then sew the ends together.

4. Cut felt strips into ribbon tails and sew them to the back.

5. Cut 2 felt circles into any size you like. I sewed a heart on one but you can applique anything you like.

6. Stitch pin to back of medallion.

7. Stitch one circle (the one without the applique) to front of medallion. Make sure stitches go straight to the back.

8. Stitch second circle on top.

9. I wanted the pin to look cleaner, so I stitched on a piece of felt.

to see my step by step images with instructions.


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