Sunday, April 11, 2010

Distressing Jeans

I really like the whole boyfriend distress jean look. At Roots right now they are selling the boyfriend Jean by Levis and on sale. So I bought a pair but I still wanted them to look more distressed. So what to do??? I did what any other person would on the internet.

{Sony Cyber-shot-Before}
This is what I did:

To make holes that still have white strands holding them together, I grabbed a razor blade. Find the grain of the jeans and rub the blade with the grain to wear off the blue. After you have taken off the blue, use the blade along the grain to open up the jeans and make a hole. Taking out different strands with your razor blade will allow for different holes. I used a razor blade, A LOT. When I had the holes I wanted I used sand paper to really rough up the holes and seams of the jeans. Once you are happy, wash your jeans. I added a pre-wash to the regular wash to really soften the fabric and so the holes wouldn't seem to perfect. You can always add more distressing after washing.

YouTube had some really great how to videos that were a lot of help.

Here is the final product, which is exactly what I wanted.

{Nikon D3S-The final product}

{Nikon D3S-Close up on the knee}

{Nikon D3S-I even distressed the back pocket}

Also, Denis is home! Which also means his new Nikon D3S is home for me to try! You can totally tell the difference between my Sony Cyber-shot digital camera, which is the before picture and our new Nikon D3S which is the after pictures. I get to you use it for the next 3 weeks!


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  1. Just be careful with those holes you made on the knee. I can't tell you how many times I've turned a nice looking distressed hole into a giant gaping hole by sticking my toe through it one too many times while dressing in a hurry!